BluePrint Health Information Security Services Receives 97.2* Rating in New KLAS Report

Yardley, PA – June 19, 2018 –BluePrint Health Information Security, an Intraprise Health business, received a score of 97.2* in the Advisory Focused Firms category in the KLAS Cybersecurity Services 2018 report released today.

“To highlight which firms can best help their clients be successful, KLAS interviewed 129 healthcare organizations about their engagements with cybersecurity firms to find out which services these firms offer and the types of outcomes they were able to achieve.”i

BluePrint Health Information Security was rated in the Advisory Focused Firms category, scoring 97.2* out of a possible 100 points (see Figure 21, page 40 of the report). The Intraprise Health business was praised by hospital and health system clients for five key areas – mitigating security risks, healthcare knowledge, a unique audit methodology, strategic expertise, and tailoring services to client need (Customer Interview Details, Page 60 – Cybersecurity Services 2018).

The KLAS Cybersecurity Services 2018 report is a new report for KLAS, focused on cybersecurity advisory and managed services as a follow up to their February 2017 report on cybersecurity within healthcare organizations.

One healthcare client stated to KLAS, “With a big audit, we expect that the company will come in with a spreadsheet and check boxes off a list. BluePrint Healthcare IT’s audit methodology is different. They have a framework and a behavioral process, and then they conform the process to what they see. They start digging, and if they find something, they dig a little deeper right there. BluePrint Healthcare IT’s results were very actionable.”ii

The most powerful outcome from BluePrint Healthcare IT’s work was the flow of information during the process,” said another client. “We didn’t have to wait until the end to get a big report and start doing work. We were able to start checking off things within days. By the time that audit was produced and presented to our board, 90 percent of our outstanding issues were resolved. That is nice because we were anxious to react.” iii

“As a firm solely focused on healthcare, it is an honor to be rated by clients in the KLAS report. We built one of the first roadmaps for HIPAA Security compliance and we were one of the industry’s first

HITRUST CSF assessors. So, we’re proud to be recognized by our clients and KLAS,” said Vikas Khosla, Chief Digital Health Officer, Intraprise Health and former CEO of BluePrint Healthcare IT.

“The competency, professionalism and success that BluePrint has created for their clients is one of the main reasons that we decided to join forces and bring BluePrint’s security services under the Intraprise Health family of businesses. Our vision brings health data security and privacy, as well as emerging patient engagement technology together to enable hospitals to provide a personalized experience,” said Todd J. Fisher, CEO of Intraprise Health.

Healthcare organizations can download a copy of the full KLAS Cybersecurity 2018 report here:

Additionally, an excerpt from the full report about BluePrint Health Information Services can be downloaded from and



About Intraprise Health

Intraprise Health has been designing and implementing tailored secure information technology solutions creating value for innovative healthcare organizations since 1997. Its security focused business, BluePrint Health Information Security (“BluePrint”) has been a leader in healthcare privacy and security for more than ten years. BluePrint was one of the first organizations to publish a comprehensive roadmap for hospitals and health systems to comply with the HIPAA Security rule in 2005. Since that time, BluePrint has worked as a trusted partner with dozens of healthcare systems, medical centers, physician networks, business associates and hospital associations to help protect their healthcare data. As the longest-tenured, exclusively healthcare- focused HITRUST CSF™ Assessor, BluePrint is a leading proponent of a common security standard for the industry and serves on the HITRUST Assessor Council.

Intraprise Health’s BluePrint Health Information Security Services were included in the report as a limited data vendor.

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*BluePrint was included in the report as a limited data vendor.