Delaware Health Information Network Seeks Gold Standard of Data Security

Certified Assessor BluePrint Healthcare IT to Support HITRUST CSF Certification Process

DOVER, DE and CRANBURY, NJ – Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) and BluePrint Healthcare IT jointly announced they will partner to achieve HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) Certification for DHIN in accordance with the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF).

As the nation’s first operational statewide health information exchange (HIE), DHIN provides an electronic network through which hospitals, physicians, laboratories and other clinical entities  quickly and securely exchange clinical results and reports. The organization joins a growing number of HIEs pursing HITRUST certification to meet the highest standards of security, privacy and compliance.

With cyber threats and organized targeting of healthcare data on the rise, the HITRUST CSF has become the “gold standard” for measuring and certifying security management programs. Created by healthcare, technology, information security, privacy and compliance leaders, the CSF combines requirements from both existing federal and third-party standards and regulations.

“The sensitive nature of the information being shared makes its security paramount,” says Mark Jacobs, DHIN’s chief information officer. “Completing HITRUST Certification will give practitioners, payers and consumers added assurance that DHIN takes every precaution to protect the clinical information that flows through the exchange.”

In 2011, HITRUST released the first version of the CSF and BluePrint became the first 100% healthcare focused Certified Assessor. “We believed back then, as we do to this day, that a framework was needed in healthcare to establish a solid and clear foundation for a security management program,” said BluePrint President and CEO, Vikas Khosla. With a sole focus on the security programs of healthcare organizations, BluePrint provides practical, real-world, implementable solutions for the expanding number of HIEs, Business Associates and Health Systems pursuing HITRUST certification.

“Through our  partnership with DHIN and other HIEs across the country, we see a great opportunity to form a collaborative of HIEs to share best practices, focused tools and lessons learned to collectively accelerate and streamline the certification process for all,” states Mark Ferrari, Chief Information Security Officer for BluePrint.

In ongoing efforts to provide added value, the Delaware Health Information Network and HIEs nationwide look to support solutions not only for healthcare providers but also payers. With most national payers now requiring a HITRUST certification to contract with business associates, ensuring the highest level of protection for HIE data is critical. And it provides patients and healthcare consumers with peace-of-mind that HITRUST certified organizations have made a significant commitment to ensuring privacy and security of their health records

DHIN expects to pass the rigorous HITRUST Certification by June 2017.

About DHIN 
DHIN, the Delaware Health Information Network, was the first live, statewide health information network in the nation. Launched in 2007, today it serves all of Delaware’s acute care hospitals and approaching 100% of the state’s medical providers. More than 14,000,000 clinical results and reports are delivered through DHIN each year. There are a total of 2.2 million unique patients with results on DHIN, including patients from all 50 states. DHIN shares real-time clinical information to improve patient outcomes, eliminate the duplication of services and reduce the cost of healthcare. For more information about DHIN, visit or call 302-678-0220.Please also visit us on Facebook (, LinkedIn ( and Twitter (

About BluePrint Healthcare IT 
BluePrint Healthcare IT (“BluePrint”) has been a leader in healthcare privacy and security for over a decade. Unlike many other information security companies, BluePrint is 100% focused on serving the needs of the healthcare industry. BluePrint was one of the first organizations to publish a comprehensive roadmap for hospitals and health systems to comply with the HIPAA Security rule in 2005. Since that time, BluePrint has worked as a trusted partner with dozens of healthcare systems, medical centers, physician networks, business associates and hospital associations to help protect their healthcare data. As the longest-tenured, exclusively healthcare-focused HITRUST Assessor, BluePrint is a leading proponent of a common security standard for the industry. In addition, BluePrint is active in the HITRUST community and brings the HITRUST Common Security Framework in to all of its engagements. For more information about BluePrint visit or call 609-240-1627. Follow us on LinkedIn ( and Twitter (