Our Approach

Since 2009, BluePrint has provided Security, Privacy and Compliance (SPAC) services to healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes. We continuously refine and expand our information security offerings to address ever-present and increasingly more sophisticated threats to healthcare data.

Our approach to evolving our clients’ security maturity, through an Information Security Management Program (ISMP), is what makes BluePrint Healthcare IT unique among other firms.

Healthcare Security Issues We Address

Progressive healthcare organizations rigorously address security weaknesses and evolve the maturity and capabilities of their security management programs. We consider your goal of preventing cyber-attacks and data theft, while mitigating disruption to patient care and critical business operations, as our primary directive.

Our Foundational Services and Evolutionary Services, together, create a holistic approach to mitigate enterprise security risks leading to a strategic and strong ISMP Roadmap and internal security team.

The commitment that we make is to be a long-term partner so that security and privacy are strategic assets to every client’s organizational health and profitability.

BluePrint’s SPAC Foundational Services enable our clients to meet federally-mandated HIPAA Security requirements. Ideally, these are performed annually and include risk analysis, vulnerability assessment(s), security education and awareness programs.

SPAC Foundational Services include:

BluePrint’s SPAC Evolutionary Services are designed to address ISMP “gaps” -- identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities that make the organization susceptible to threats and cyber-attacks.

SPAC Evolutionary Services include: