Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing vs. VARA

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (“Pen Test”) are often mistaken for one another, however they have very different implications for healthcare organizations and the security posture of IT infrastructure.

A Vulnerability Assessment works to improve security posture and develop a more mature, integrated security program.

However, a Pen Test is a point-in-time snapshot of a security program's effectiveness or “hardening.” Penetration Testing uses existing vulnerabilities in order to uncover security blind spots as well as to determine to what extent they can be exploited.

Our penetration testing expert, aka “ethical hacker,” simulates the actions of an external cyber attacker to expose critical systems and strives to gain access to sensitive data. We utilize a mix of proven penetration frameworks and tools; containing updated databases of known exploits that are deployed against a set of discoverable entry points and the services that run on them.

Our Pen Testing services help clients see their systems from a hacker’s perspective:

  • Revealing vulnerabilities in a Client’s IT enterprise from external attack vectors
  • Flagging critical and high risks
  • Testing if a remote attacker could penetrate a Client’s infrastructure
  • Quantifying the impact of a security breach
  • Recommending detailed remediation activities and a Report of Findings

Our Pen Testing services can be paired with other cybersecurity exercises -- incident response, business continuity, social engineering or physical security exploits -- for comprehensive, end-to-end solution.