Cybersecurity Exercises

Our cybersecurity exercises are delivered in two modes: Table Top Exercise (TTX) and Event Simulation.

A TTX recreates real-world scenarios and incidents that help strengthen knowledge and competence while improving cross-departmental collaboration and information exchange.

Simulation exercises, like social engineering or phishing attacks, are powerful and visceral experiences that uncover strengths and weaknesses of the current state and illuminate gaps that require remediation.

Table Top Exercises
Table top exercises are a proven method for practicing the skills and knowledge needed to implement a plan or operation during an incident from within that organization or across several organizations.

Our TTXs are discussion-based sessions where team members meet in an informal, classroom setting to discuss their roles during a crisis like, a data breach or disaster recovery scenario, as well as practice their responses to various high-value scenarios. Most tabletop exercises can be conducted in a few hours and create an environment for shared learning and cross-organization collaboration.

TTX topics can include business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as various breach management and incident response issues.

Simulation Exercises
Simulation exercises test the organization’s awareness around common, high-risk security issues and create opportunities for building skills, competence and connections within various teams. These simulations enhance vigilance and confidence in handling and securing sensitive data in the unique healthcare environment. We customize simulation exercises for specific user groups or data access channels, as well as provide internal communication content, outcomes-based learning objectives and outcomes analysis and reporting as part of training and development.

Simulation exercises topics may include phishing simulation or social engineering scenarios.