Remediation Management Analytic Dashboards

Risk Management Analytic Dashboards

Most healthcare organizations perform an annual risk analysis to assess their current-state compliance with HIPAA Security requirements and information security best practices.

When combined with network and system-level vulnerability analysis and penetration testing, these assessments create a variety of documentation output, recommendations and action plans.

We created a simple and powerful way to coalesce years of risk analysis data for taking efficient and well-controlled action as well as managing progress and trends over time.

Our Risk Management Dashboards illustrate historical trends, action item owners, remediation progress tracking, as well as risk management and reporting. And, as a HITRUST Certified Assessor, we can map this data to the HITRUST CSF Domains and dashboard as well.

Analysis and dashboards include:

  • Risks by Progress
  • Risks by Source and Status
  • Risks by IT Resource (administrator)
  • Risks by Risk Owner
  • Risks by HITRUST CSF Domain or Risks by NIST Cybersecurity Framework