Education and Awareness Program Development

Security vigilance is achieved through staff awareness and education. It is an organization’s most powerful risk mitigation tool.

Staff awareness and security training gives life to the policies and procedures healthcare organizations establish.

A strong Information Security Management Program invests in education and embeds it into the organization’s culture and consciousness. Frontline, management and executive staff need to understand current threats to privacy and security as well as have the confidence and ability to process and protect sensitive data.

Our awareness and educational programs feature security experts who make security education engaging and interesting with the goal of increasing competency and confidence.

Education and Awareness Services include:

  • Content and material development for education and awareness training sessions
  • One-time topic workshops
  • Year-long progressive topic development
  • Customized content and topics to suit organizational goals
  • Communication and internal promotion plans and content
  • Tailored topics by audience or skill level
  • Online education and content