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BluePrint is the longest tenured 100% healthcare-focused HITRUST Certified Assessor. We have taken Business Associates of all sizes through the certification process while helping them to simplify the complexities of HITRUST through our depth, experience, proven methodology, partnership focus and purpose-built certification management platform to complement and streamline the use of the MyCSF portal. Learn more about how our CSF Domain Masters can fully manage your successful certification.

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The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is the leading information security framework for the healthcare industry. The CSF was created by healthcare, technology, information security, privacy and compliance leaders, and combines requirements from both existing federal and third-party standards and regulations. What makes the CSF so unique is it is the only security framework designed specifically for healthcare.

The HITRUST CSF has already become the “gold standard” in the healthcare industry for measuring and certifying your security management program. Achieving a HITRUST Certification means that your program has reached a maturity level equivalent to the most rigorous standards in the industry. This is why healthcare insurance companies (payers), as well as an increasing number of healthcare systems and hospitals, are requiring their Business Associates to attain a HITRUST certification. With the number of breaches increasing every day and organized targeting of healthcare data; the industry has been forced to ensure a higher level of security, privacy and compliance.

Business Associates throughout the industry are rapidly moving towards adoption and certification of the HITRUST framework. Reports have shown that over 7,500 Business Associates are going to be required to achieve HITRUST certification by 2017. What is currently a differentiator will soon become a minimum threshold in order to do business in the healthcare industry.

The primary factor affecting duration is the maturity of your security program and organizational support (“buy-in”). Based on the maturity level of your security program you can choose to move more aggressively and shorten that timeframe. Your dedicated engagement and certified technical team can support whatever pace you want to pursue. Our methodology is designed to be flexible and has been informed by our diversity of clients from small start-ups to large, multi-nationals.

Regardless of the desired timeframe, all of our customers benefit from our industry-leading differentiators: a proven but flexible methodology, in-depth knowledge of HITRUST’s evaluation criteria, a certification “toolkit” and fixed-fee pricing model. We would be happy to share more about these differentiators or provide a proposal for your HITRUST needs.

Why HITRUST certification?

“Gold Standard” of Healthcare Data Security. Healthcare payers and an increasing number of health systems and hospitals, are requiring their Business Associates become HITRUST certified because the certification demonstrates that your organization has made a dedicated commitment to maintain the greatest level of protection for your customer’s healthcare data.

Scalable and Cost-Effective. By including federal and state regulations, standards and frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST CSF helps organizations address today’s information security challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls. With this consolidated controls approach you can generate multiple reports addressing legislative, regulatory or best practice frameworks with just one assessment. You will have a well-established, prepared and documented security program to present whenever needed. Though it is a rigorous process, once certified your business will be able to respond faster, more thoroughly, using fewer resource hours and in a repeatable manner to the continuous stream of arduous and lengthy security questionnaires that are a customary part of doing business as a healthcare technology or services company.

Competitive Advantage. Your clients are aware and concerned of the ever-growing threat to their data security. They understand the importance of working with organizations who are not only educated on these threats, but have taken the necessary steps to make sure they are protected according to the highest standards in the industry. With HITRUST Certification, your organization will be able to market its leadership in security, privacy and compliance. And have the certification to back it up. This credibility and status in the healthcare industry will set you apart from others.

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Why BluePrint?

BluePrint Healthcare IT was the first ever 100% healthcare focused Certified Assessor. We became an Assessor in 2011 after the first version of the CSF was released. We believed, as we do to this day, that a framework was needed in healthcare to establish a solid and clear foundation for a security management program. Our engagement methodology is designed to take our clients through the certification process in a simple, organized and supportive manner. From your dedicated team of engagement and project managers to primary and secondary HITRUST Certified Practitioners, BluePrint will make the process, or “journey” as we like to refer to it, manageable and cost-effective.

Tenure as HITRUST Assessor: BluePrint was one of the first organizations to become a Certified Assessor in 2011. Our in-depth experience with the CSF and the HITRUST Alliance allows our clients to leverage a deep background and relationship during the course of our engagement and beyond. The primary focus and objective of our engagements is to help you achieve certification the first time you submit. And if you don’t, we provide our HITRUST clients with a unique differentiator not offered by any other Assessor in the industry to show you our dedication to client partnerships. The depth and amount of HITRUST certification work performed by our security team means that our clients are ensured of working with an Assessor that will provide them the most adept advisory services, complementary MyCSF “toolkit”, focused healthcare-industry remediation consultation, and latest information about HITRUST evaluation criteria and certification scoring.  

MyCSF Complimentary “Toolkit”: Over the years of providing HITRUST services, BluePrint has developed a set of program management tools that are optimized to streamline the certification journey for our clients. Our toolkit allows our customers to simplify the process of managing and collaborating with BluePrint throughout the engagement. The toolkit is the easiest and best way to validate that the correct baseline profile and self-assessment responses are submitted through the MyCSF portal to HITRUST. This is critical for establishing the right organizational profile (i.e. the number of applicable controls), effective corrective action planning and ultimately for certification scoring. Our tools complement the MyCSF and directly impact the most critical aspects of the certification process.

100% Healthcare Security Focus: Our sole focus on the security programs of healthcare organizations provides practical and current consultation as well as real-world, implementable solutions with a high degree of relevance to our clients. This along with our HITRUST, information security and health IT experience means we have the necessary context both from a regulatory as well as implementation perspective to provide the most meaningful and achievable solutions for our clients. Other larger, multi-industry or primarily audit-based Assessors can’t provide the depth of knowledge and factor in the latest industry trends in order to provide practical and meaningful solutions for the Corrective Action Planning portion of the certification process, the longest and most difficult part of the engagement. We strive to provide solutions and resources that come from our work “in-the-trenches” and are implementable for clients of all different sizes and capabilities.   

Fixed-Fee Pricing Model: Another aspect of our client partnership approach is to help you meet your budgetary objectives. Given our depth of work and experience with HITRUST, we understand what it takes to get our clients certified. Our proven and well-honed methodology as well as understanding of the HITRUST CSF and evaluation criteria means we have the confidence to provide you with a fixed-fee cost for our services. We are also happy to provide related, future fees for HITRUST Re-Certification (every 2 years) and Interim validation (every non-certification year). This along with our solid grasp of HITRUST’s fees means that our clients never have any hidden or unexpected costs related to their HITRUST certification. Complete our online HITRUST questionnaire to obtain a proposal from us or contact us directly.

Dedicated Engagement Team: We provide a full team of experienced security professionals and project managers to make your HITRUST journey is as smooth and expedient as possible. You will be provided with an Engagement Manager, a lead Certified HITRUST Practitioner, a secondary Lead Certified HITRUST Practitioner, and a Certified Project Manager.

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